美國藝術家 Calvin Marcus 的創作流露他對藝術家個人形象的濃厚興趣,詼諧而帶有一抹荒誕幽默。

American artist Calvin Marcus’s body of work, witty and with a sense of surreal humour, reflects his interest in artistic personas.

七件由他巧手製作的木製結構於 K11 MUSEA B2層的 Garage Event Space 展出,在黑暗中發光,每一件都是個微型展覽,聚焦於另一位藝術家,分別是Kelly Akashi、Sara Clendening、James Herman、Michael Williams、Ravi Jackson和 Ted Christensen,或者是某一縮小了的藝術品或建築細節。小小的展覽亮起燈光,以有趣的視角呈現出展示藝術家作品的實體空間及機構場域,同時引領大家思考甚麼使人投入藝術創作。

On view at the Garage Event Space located on the B2 floor of K11 MUSEA, this exhibition showcases seven meticulously crafted wooden structures glowing in the dark. Each structure is in itself an exhibition in miniature, featuring another artist—Kelly Akashi, Sara Clendening, James Herman, Michael Williams, Ravi Jackson, and Ted Christensen respectively—or highlighting some scaled-down works of art or an architectural detail. The mini-exhibitions, with their lights on, offer an interesting perspective to look at the physical and institutional settings in which artists’ works are displayed, whilst inviting ruminations on what supports one’s artistic endeavour.

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Calvin Marcus《結構》系列
Calvin Marcus Exhibition
Today – February 2020
Sundays to Saturdays 10:00 – 22:00
K11 MUSEA, Garage Event Space, B2 Floor

Source: K11 MUSEA PR

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