位於西九文化區、致力收藏二十及二十一世紀視覺文化作品的香港博物館 M+將呈獻首屆「希克獎」展覽。

M+, Hong Kong’s museum of twentieth- and twenty-first-century visual
culture in the West Kowloon Cultural District, is pleased to present the inaugural Sigg Prize exhibition.

此次展覽將展出六位入圍藝術家的作品,他們分別為:胡曉媛 (生於 1977 年,現於北京居住及工作)、梁碩 (生於 1976 年,現於北京居住及工作)、林一林(生於 1964 年,現於紐約居住及工作)、沈莘(生於 1990 年,現於明尼阿波利斯及阿姆斯特丹居住及工作)、陶輝(生於 1987 年,現於北京居住及工作)及楊嘉輝(生於 1979 年,現於香港居住及工作)。近年,他們均以卓越的藝術手法,探討各種難以輕易歸類的主題。

The exhibition brings together work by the six artists shortlisted for the prize: Hu Xiaoyuan (born 1977, lives and works in Beijing), Liang Shuo (born 1976, lives and works in Beijing), Lin Yilin (born 1964, lives and works in New York), Shen Xin (born 1990, lives and works in Minneapolis and Amsterdam), Tao Hui (born 1987, lives and works in Beijing), and Samson Young (born 1979, lives and works in Hong Kong). In recent years, each has articulated a distinguished artistic language to address topics that defy easy categorisation.

由 M+於 2018 年在香港設立的希克獎,其前身為烏利.希克於 1998 年在中國創辦的中國當代藝術奬(CCAA),劉栗溧自 2011 年起擔任該獎總監。CCAA 是中國內地首個為當代藝術而設的獎項,引領中國藝術及藝術家邁向全球,促進國際上關於中國當代藝術的討論。歷年來,共有 25 位藝術家或藝術家團體,以及九位藝術評論家獲頒此獎。經過 20 年的發展,CCAA 奠定了堅實的基礎,蛻變成希克獎,並由 M+主辦和管理。

The Sigg Prize, established by M+ in Hong Kong in 2018, was formerly the Chinese Contemporary Art Award (CCAA), founded by Uli Sigg in China in 1998 and presided over by Liu Li Anna since 2011. The CCAA was the first award for contemporary art in mainland China, and it was a leading force in steering Chinese art and artists to the world, helping to frame the international conversation on Chinese contemporary art. Twenty-five artists or artist groups and nine art critics were awarded the CCAA over its history. Following twenty years of activity, the CCAA is providing the foundations on which the Sigg Prize has been built. This will in future be administered by M+.

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「希克獎 2019」展覽
The Sigg Prize 2019 exhibition
2019.12.7 – 2020.4.3
Wednesdays to Sundays 11:00 – 18:00
西九文化區藝術公園 M+展亭
M+ Pavilion, Art Park, West Kowloon Cultural District

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