薩凡納藝術設計大學香港分校(SCAD)學生的才能再獲業界認定。SCAD三年級學生 Ira Almeda 獲選參與國際知名畫廊奧佩拉畫廊(Opera Gallery)舉辦的「抽象無國界:連結現代世界」群展。Ira 的作品將與著名東西方藝術大師的橫跨戰後及當代藝術傑作同時呈獻。展覽由即日至 10 月 24 日期間舉行。

Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) Hong Kong is delighted that current third-yearstudent Ira Almeda has been selected by leading international art gallery, Opera Gallery Hong Kong, to participate in group exhibition Abstraction athwart worlds: Ties between modern worlds. The exhibition now open to 24 October 2019, puts Ira’s work alongside Post-War and contemporary works by renowned Chinese artists and their Western counterparts.

SCAD 香港為致力培育具有創意思維的年輕一代,透過大學平台協助他們運用傳統及革新的繪畫技巧來創作個人作品及具收藏價值的作品,同時突破表達的界限,促進創意發展。而 Opera Gallery 向來與來自世界各地的不同年輕藝術家合作,持續為本地新晉藝術家提供機會與展出空間並致力推廣他們的創作。

Dedicated to fostering the next generation of young creative minds, SCAD Hong Kong provides a platform for innovation and creativity, enabling them to push the limits of expression while mastering classical and inventive techniques to produce personal, collectible work. Opera Gallery works with numerous young talents around the world and continues to provide opportunities and space for emerging artists within the local communities to promote their works.

Ira Almeda 生於長於菲律賓馬尼拉,現於 SCAD 香港就讀繪畫藝術文學士三年級,自其 16 歲起便參與不同展覽。是次於 Opera Gallery 香港空間展出的作品 《Kawalang-tinig ng Isang Henerasyon(Lost Voices of a Generation)》正好表達 Almeda 一直以來探討的主題,包括歷史、語言、菲律賓文化及民族主義, 以及如何將歷史概念與當代藝術表達方式相結合。作品包含歸屬感與民族主義的寓意,亦是Almeda 首次在創作中運用 Baybayin 古語, 該語言是菲律賓於西班牙殖民時期前所使用的土著文字。

Born and raised in Manila, Philippines, Almeda is a third year Painting, Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) student at SCAD Hong Kong and has been exhibiting work since the age of 16. The work Kawalang-tinig ng Isang Henerasyon (Lost Voices of a Generation) will be exhibiting at Opera Gallery Hong Kong and explores many of the key themes Almeda explores in her practice including history, language, Filipino culture and nationalism and integrating historical concepts with contemporary methods of art practice. This work represents a sense of belonging and nationalism and is her first exploration of Baybayin, an indigenous script used pre-Spanish colonization.

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Abstraction athwart worlds: Ties between modern worlds
2019.10.3 – 10.24
Mondays to Saturdays 10:00 – 19:00
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Opera Gallery
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