WHO’S NEXT?:第三屆新藝潮博覽會 | WHO’S NEXT?: 2019 ART NEXT EXPO

第三屆新藝潮博覽會將為大家呈現來自世界各國新晉藝術家的精彩作品!他們來自不同 文化背景,創作媒介多元化,充分反映全球當代藝術發展最新趨勢,作品包括街頭藝術、混合媒體、攝影、雕塑、水墨、油畫等。

Coming from different cultural backgrounds, the artists in 2019 Art Next Expo use various media in the works, and truly represent the diverse, vibrant nature of contemporary art – street art, mixed media, sculpture, photography, ink, installation and more.

你可以在一 個輕鬆環境下與藝術家互動,並以合理價格購入作品。同場將有三個特 別策展項目:版畫、岩彩以及全球著名青年繪畫比賽Small Montmartre of Bitola International Plein-Air Painting Contest for Youth歷屆香港得 獎藝術家作品。

In a fun, relaxed environment, you will be able to interact with the artists and to acquire their good quality works at reasonable prices. More, we will be showcasing 3 special exhibitions on Contemporary Prints, Mineral Pigment Paintings as well as the works of previous HK winners of the world renowned Small Montmartre of Bitola International Plein-Air Painting Contest for Youth.

Art Next Expo是一個將才華橫溢的新晉藝術家與藝術專業人士和收藏家聯繫在一起的平台。我們為收藏家提供了以合理的價格獲得高質量作品的機會,對於喜歡較低入門門檻的新收藏家以及尋找具有市場潛力的新秀的經驗豐富的收藏家來說,這是一個非常理想的選擇。

Art Next Expo is a platform that connects the next generation of talented artists with the world of art professionals and collectors. It gives collectors an opportunity to access top quality works at affordable prices – a much desired alternative for new collectors who appreciate lower barriers to entry, as well as experienced collectors who seek fresh talent with market potential. 

第三屆新藝潮博覽會門票 現已在#ticketflap 發售
新藝潮X香港藝術家賴筠婷X Kipling,為新藝潮愛好者特別製作了限量版手提袋!
現在前往Ticketflap 購買$100入場門票一張就可獲贈一個,數量有限,馬上行動!送完即止!

Art Next Expo 2019 tickets are now available Ticketflap!
Art Next Expo X HK artist Sue Lai Kwan Ting X Kipling produced this unique, limited edition tote bag for Art Next lovers!
Buy one $100 ticket now at Ticketflap and this special bag will be yours. 
Stock is limited so act now before it’s too late.

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2019 Art Next Expo
2019.11.1 – 11.4
Friday, November 1st 11:00 – 16:00
Saturday, Sunday November 2nd, 3rd 11:00 – 20:00
Monday, November 4st 11:00 – 17:00
 PMQ, Central, Hong Kong

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