The Japanese art style of ukiyo-e has its origins in Edo-era, depicting the many facets of life and society of the time. The genre has continued to enjoy great popularity in the artistic realm, with strong influence on renowned modern Japanese artists such as Takashi Murakami and Yoshitomo Nara. Internationally, ukiyo-e has also had a major impact on the development of modern art.

一直致力推廣當代藝術的K11,今年再度夥拍JPS Gallery,邀請四位日本著名藝術家暨浮世繪畫師Horihiro Mitomo、Ukiyoemon Mitomoya、Horitatsu及Bang Ganji合辦《K11 Art Matsuri芸術祭》浮世絵調原画展。有別於常見的傳統浮世繪,四位浮世繪畫師打破傳統藝術與生活的界限,揉合浮世繪及現代元素,將不同的流行文化共冶一爐,為浮世繪注入一股「潮」味,並將浮世繪中的「入世」意念推至極限。展覽設有六大「入世點」,如街頭時尚、日本職場文化、動漫文化、妖怪文化等,希望讓大眾親身感受藏在畫中的「深意」與「味道」,反思自身的生活意義與價值。

Striving to provide a platform to promote contemporary art, K11 is once again collaborating with JPS Gallery, teaming up with four prominent ukiyo-e artists, Horihiro Mitomo, Ukiyoemon Mitomoya, Horitatsu and Bang Ganji to jointly present “K11 Art Matsuri” Modern Art of Floating World Exhibition. In a break from tradition, these four artists bridge the gap between traditional art and everyday life, combining ukiyo-e with modern elements and fusing different cultural elements into a cool ‘new’ art form – after all, everyday life is exactly what ukiyo-e is about. The exhibit has six main segments – Street Fashion, Japanese Work Culture, Anime, Manga Culture and Yokai Culture, with the aim of savouring the meaning behind ukiyo-e, and correlating it with the viewer’s own life experience and values.

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《K11 Art Matsuri芸術祭》浮世絵調原画展
“K11 Art Matsuri” Ukiyo-e Art Exhibition
2019.6.7 – 7.1
chi K11藝術空間
香港尖沙咀河內道18號K11 購物藝術館 B2/F
B2/F, chi K11 art space, K11 Art Mall, 18 Honoi Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

Source: E’s Concept Communications Ltd

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