創意團隊 UNVEIL LIMITED 榮幸呈獻藝術家 STICKYMONGER 《平行世界》展覽。作為STICKYMONGER的首個香港個展,將展出全新畫作、數位影像以及牆面裝置,誠邀前來欣賞的觀眾能沉浸在藝術家打造的異想世界裡。

Creative agency UNVEIL LIMITED is proud to present Stickymonger’s “Parallel Universe”. The artist’s first solo exhibition in Hong Kong will showcase new paintings, digital art and wall installations, inviting audience to an unparalleled immersion in a peculiar yet playful world.

來自紐約的南韓藝術家 STICKYMONGER 擅長體現黑暗與光明兩種對立面之間的交互影響,視覺流暢變換於醒目的色彩和微妙的紋理中,通過各式媒材 (從黑膠、噴漆、 壁畫、數位媒體到貼紙) 發揮其豐富的想像力,展現超群的藝術性。

New York-based Korean artist Stickymonger is known for her fluid interplay between the antithesis of darkness and light, imaginative manipulation through various media ranging from vinyl, spray paint, mural, digital media to sticker, that demonstrate her versatile artistry to express through striking colours and subtle textures.

STICKYMONGER 創造出的人物以深邃晦暗的娃娃眼見稱,漆黑的瞳孔富靈性,目光隱約透出冷漠的意味,營造奇幻童趣的一面。冷眼深不可測的凝視仿佛象徵一種內省的自我意識,創造了一種既黑暗純真也多彩漠然的幻想空間。

The signature soulful eyes in her works convey an air of vulnerable nonchalance as an expression of a persona full of childlike wonder. On the other hand, the wide-eye gaze hides an introspective self, creating an “odd mixture” of dark innocence and colourful apathy.

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STICKMONGER – Parallel Universe
2019.5.17 – 5.26
Monday to Sunday 12:00 – 20:00
Space 27
10/F, Block AB, Tung Chong Factory Building, 653-659 King’s Road, Quarry Bay 

Opening Reception (By Invitation Only)
Thursday 18:00 – 21:00


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