Mr. Likey首個個人畫展《 Not Now But Right Now! 》 | Mr. Likey’s Solo Exhibition “Not Now But Right Now!”

「海港城•美術館」將於2019年5月9日至26日舉辦 「Not Now But Right Now!」─ Mr. Likey個人作品展,首次展出新晉潮流文化藝術家Mr. Likey糅合街頭藝術及強烈個人風格的畫作,呈獻一系列由經典卡通及漫畫人物重塑及變奏而成的獨特作品。

From 9th to 26th May 2019, Gallery by the Harbour is proud to present Mr. Likey’s first solo exhibition “Not Now But Right Now!” Featuring this up-and-coming pop artist’s work which combines street art with his distinct personal touch, this exhibition will be showing a range of paintings recreated and reinterpreted with the use of classical comic and cartoon characters.

街頭藝術近年在國際藝術舞台的地位愈見重要,殿堂級人物如KAWS和Banksy等作品都在全球牽起話題,加上經常與各大品牌合作聯乘,令普羅大眾都對街頭藝術加以追捧。Mr. Likey在美國長大,自小深受日本漫畫及美國潮流文化影響,擅長顛覆流行卡通元素再予以創作,重新建構我們熟悉的卡通人物形象,包括「阿森一族」、「史努比」及「馬里奧」等。他的街頭藝術企劃自2017年8月開始,以「I look happy but I am sad(我看似快樂但我很悲傷)」為題展開一連串的創作,其貼圖更遍佈全球15個國家。

The significance of street art has been growing in the international art world. While prodigious artists such as KAWS and Banksy have received international acclaims, more collaboration is happening between street artists and global brands that attracted mass attention. Raised in the United States, Mr. Likey was highly influenced by American pop culture and Japanese comics, finding inspiration from the subversion and recreation of famous cartoon characters such as Simpsons, Snoopy and Mario. He started a street art project themed “I look happy but I am sad” which showcased his stickers in more than 15 countries worldwide.

他的作品具有多層次的含意,乍看是一系列有趣幽默、色彩繽紛的街頭藝術作品,藉耳熟能詳的卡通人物喚醒美好的集體回憶,細看之下發現不同的元素巧妙結合,更暗藏不少文化符號,像作品之一《Asian American》便將「牛奶妹」、「牛奶仔」與「阿森一族」結合,體現他作為亞洲人在白人世界中所尋找的身份認同。透過「畫中有畫」的表達方式,Mr. Likey展示出從不同背景進行多角度思考的卓越能力,讓人感受到美好表面背後的另一番含意,在一眾Kidult間引起窩心共鳴。

Mr. Likey’s work features multiple layers of meanings. While appears to be fun, humorous and evoking collective memory, the ingenious combination of cultural symbols makes it truly unique. In one of his paintings named “Asian American”, the co-existence of Japanese characters Peko & Poko and Bart Simpson symbolises the identity crisis of Asians with a Caucasian background, a reflection of his own life. His exceptional ability to view things in different perspectives and contexts creates deep, intricate meanings which impress and resonate with the heart of many Kidults.

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「Not Now But Right Now!」─ Mr. Likey個人作品展
“Not Now But Right Now!” Mr. Likey’s solo exhibition
2019.5.9 – 5.26
Sunday to Saturday 11:00 – 22:00
Gallery by the Harbour
Shop 207, Ocean Centre, Harbour City, 5 Canton Rd; Hong Kong.

Source: Gallery by the Harbour PR

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