夏威夷除了得天獨厚的日落和迷人景觀,同時也是一個充滿了多元文化的島嶼。 藝術家 Mae Waite 描繪了夏威夷的風土民情,表達了她對這個島嶼的熱愛。

Hawaii, the state of sunset, is a beautiful place filled with people of diverse cultures. Artist Mae Waite portrays the landscape and people of Hawaii, expressing her love for the island.

Mae Waite 是一位居住在夏威夷檀香山的藝術家和插畫家。 她曾在夏威夷大學修讀工作室藝術。 她希望透過描繪周圍的壯麗景色來分享她對夏威夷的愛和各種情感。 Waite 喜歡在不同的畫布上來嘗試不同的藝術技巧。 她喜歡以油畫、水墨和水彩等各種媒介來探索各種嶄新的表現方式。

Mae Waite is an artist and illustrator based in Honolulu, Hawaii. She finished her study of Studio Arts at the University of Hawai’i. She portrays the magnificent sights of her surroundings, aiming to share her emotions and love for Hawaii through her exquisite works. Waite enjoys experimenting with different artistic techniques by performing them on a different canvas. She loves implementing various mediums such as oil, ink, watercolors, and acrylics to explore surprising and innovative ways for art expressions.

Waite 的大部分作品都是關於動物、自然環境以及當地文化。這些作品皆代表著她對夏威夷的欣賞和自豪感,例如栩栩如生的錦鯉和烏龜,看似寧靜和平穩的大海,以及對草裙舞充滿動感的描繪。 這些色彩繽紛的藝術作品充分體現了夏威夷鬱鬱蔥蔥的自然景觀,令到作為觀眾的我們彷彿能從第一人稱體驗到那份只屬於夏威夷的美好和寧靜。

Most of her artworks surround the theme of animals, the natural environment, and also sights of her local culture. Vivid and lively works of koi fish and tortoise, serene and calm imagery of the sea, and dynamic captures of the Hula dance all represent a form of appreciation and pride for her home. The colorful artworks of the lustful greenery of Hawaii cause her audience to experience the unique feeling of peacefulness and harmony.

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