重新思考藝術新紀元:香港藝術學院秋季展覽 | RETHINKING ART FOR A NEW ERA


In the fast-growing and highly commercialized society of Hong Kong, fine art becomes a particularly priceless presence. Graduates of Hong Kong Art School will participate in ‘Fine Art Asia 2020’ and exhibit their works at the end of November. Taking the center stage in the exhibition are works inspired by the impact of Covid-19 on Hong Kong to highlight the unnoticeable sides of the city. At the same time, the school will also host a sculpture exhibition, ‘Material and Physics’. 

焦點展覽一 : 「典亞藝博2020」 | Highlighted Exhibition 1: ‘Fine Art Asia 2020’


Internationally renowned and recognized as the premium art fair in Asia, all art pieces featured in the exhibition underwent a strict selection process. As the art fair’s education partner for ten consecutive years, Hong Kong Art School also participates in Fine Art Asia again in November this year to showcase art works of their graduates.


The school’s ceramics major puts emphasis on the development of traditional craftsmanship and encourages students to explore and experiment with materials, forms, applications and content to inject new meanings into ceramics. ‘Symbionts’ by Ceramic art graduate Kate Siu Man-kit, is born after Siu’s innovative integration between ceramics and a range of urban waste, including used bricks, feathers, iron nails, stones, etc. During pandemic, Siu feels the depressing atmosphere in Hong Kong and her isolated and distant relationship with the city. Through ‘Symbionts’, she reassembled and re-interpreted the urban waste, and ultimately created her artworks to explore the possibility of coexistence of a city from a micro perspective. During the process of creation, it alleviated her fear of the environmental and atmospheric changes in this city, and at the same time inspired her to find a way out of anxiety and insecurity. By referencing from the mutually beneficial symbiosis relationships in nature, Siu applies this concept to her personal coexistence idea. Through this artwork, she hopes to deliver the message that ‘you and I can coexist in opposition’.


“Previously, I was only exposed to the superficial and functional side of ceramic art. The Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art (Ceramics) programme of the school provides me exposure to contemporary art – I no longer see contemporary art as an abstract concept that is difficult to understand. Since I have taken this course, I discover my passion for contemporary art and its unlimited possibility. I used to work as a home appliance product designer, now I have found a new direction in life and creative enthusiasm after my three-year degree programme. I am now engaged in art-related work.”said Siu.

Lockdown lethargy 《疫下慵懶》, 2020, 紙板 cardboard, 94 x 77 unframed

學院的繪畫主修科以教授西方當代繪畫為主,檢視繪畫特質,它不再局限於以二維平面方式呈現,是具批判及自我投射性質的媒介。透過從正規及及概念性的角度看古今以來繪畫技法的演變,讓學員檢視自己的創作意念,並透過繪畫技巧及相關理論知識將創意展現。 繪畫畢業生前香港天文台台長李本瀅博士於創作過程中,他會結合藝術和科學,以鑽研形態與顏色的關係,務求達到轉化的境界。他的作品《疫下慵懶》主要是以街上隨手可得的物件製成,特別是紙皮。紙皮既是環保及可持續的物料,也跟貿易和全球化有關,同時亦令人聯想到街頭拾荒長者的苦況,以及權利和平等的問題。作為一種物料,它的色調可算多姿多采,能夠表達線條和方向,故可提供不常見的觀察角度,以及多維的空間。創作上,李氏有志於透過回憶和形態,帶去對香港的不同文化時刻的理解。城市的歷史、道德和家庭價值至為重要。

The painting major of the school stresses the teaching of western contemporary painting, and examines the characteristics of painting. Painting is no longer limited to the presentation of two-dimensional surface, it is a critical and self-projecting medium. Students are asked to review their creative ideas and express their creativity with painting techniques and related theoretical knowledge. Dr. Lee Boon-ying, the former Director of the Hong Kong Observatory and a painting graduate of the HKAS degree programme, skillfully combines art and science to study the relationship between form and colour in his works. His work ‘Lockdown Lethargy’ is primarily made of objects available on the street, especially paperboards.  Paperboards are eco-friendly and sustainable, in addition, they also symbolize trading and globalization. Paperboards also reflect the plight of elderly scavengers to address human rights and equality issues. Through his artwork, Lee addresses different cultural moments in Hong Kong through various memories and forms. The history, morals and family values of the city are paramount.

The Pearl of the Orient 2020 《東方之珠2020》, 鋁板噴墨列印 Inkjet print on aluminium composite panel, 81×55 Unframed

攝影主修科主要透過數碼及底片菲林等方式,探索用光製圖的方法,同時著重從理論和歷史角度思考攝影。攝影畢業生袁錦華先生半年前開始創作《東方之珠2020》 一系列四張的攝影作品,作品是明信片以鋁板噴墨列印創作。明信片通常是外界對於一個城市美好的印象,但疫情以來袁氏於遊客區購買明信片也變得相當困難,於是他開始反思究竟香港的未來是怎樣。他的作品黑色為外框,然後中心鏡象模糊,就如剛剛睡醒,看不清事物的狀態,以表達自己對香港的迷茫。袁氏感慨:「明信片呈現一個地方最美的一面,然而當地方急遽驟變,甚或逐漸消失時,原本熟悉的風景又該是如何?」

The photography programme mainly explores picture creation methods with light through digital and negative film and other forms, along with a focus on pondering about photography from a theoretical and historical perspective. Photography graduate Mr. Magus Yuen Kam-wa began his creation of ‘The Pearl of the Orient 2020’, a series of four photographic works, six months ago. His series of works, which consists of postcards created by inkjet printing on aluminum plates, is inspired by the traditional postcards that portray the city to visitors. However, since the outbreak of pandemic, Yuen found it hard to purchase postcards in tourist areas and this prompted him to reflect on the future of Hong Kong.

袁錦華表示:「香港藝術學院的攝影學位課程跟以往我所讀的攝影課程完全不同。學院的攝影課程第一個學期已經對我有非常大的影響,課程讓我對攝影的有改頭換面的理解及對藝術的有真正的認識,啟發了我在攝影創作的可能性及多樣性。現時我和兩名校友創立了藝術團體2M07創作各種裝置藝術品,工作室以本土獨有文化為藝術創作理念,作品以嘲諷戲謔社會現象為主。 」

“Hong Kong Art School’s photography courses are completely different from the ones I have taken in the past. The first semester of the course had a great impact on me. Having an understanding of art inspires the possibilities and diversity of my photography creation. Two alumni and I have jointly established an art group named 2M07 to create various installation artworks. The studio’s works are based on the local culture to form the creative concept, and our art works mostly ridicule and mock the current social phenomena.” said Yuen. Featuring black outer frames with blurred images in the center, his works aim to express his feeling of perplexity towards Hong Kong through a hazy vision. “Postcards usually represent the most beautiful scenery of a place, but when the place changes drastically or even disappears gradually, what will happen to the original scenery?” Yuen said.

Hong Kong Art School @ Fine Art Asia 2020​
Date: 2020. 11. 27 – 30​
Time: Friday – Sunday, 11:00 – 19:00; Monday, 11:00 – 18:00​
Venue: 香港會議展覽中心3F號展覽廳 (展位 F1)​
Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center Hall 3F (Booth: F1)​

焦點展覽二:「物料與物理」雕塑展 | Highlighted Exhibition 2:Material and Physics

學院的雕塑主修科糅合木工、金工、混合媒介、軟雕塑以至視聽媒介,傳統及實驗性並重,提倡活化傳統工藝外,亦鼓勵學員探索跨界別藝術語言及物料本質,社會及空間元素等與當代雕塑相關的課題。是次「物料與物理」雕塑展由本地藝術家、資深策展人兼學院校友陳翹康策展,率領六位香港藝術學院雕塑畢業生展出作品,回應從事雕塑創作選擇及應用物料的問題,包括物料的物理特性採用相對的應用及處理技巧?造型上如對抗行地心吸力? 完成品如何裝置或陳示?如何去呈現或記錄?一連串的選項與組合連結藝術、科學、物理、邏輯、經驗與感知。若把完成品視為一種結果,製作過程又可否視為敘事或內容本身?

The school’s sculpture major combines woodworking, metalworking, mixed media, soft sculpture and even audio-visual media. While traditional and experimental elements are of equal importance, it also promotes the revitalization of traditional craftsmanship. Students are encouraged to explore contemporary sculptures such as cross-sector art language and material nature, social and spatial elements. Led by local artist, seasoned curator and alumnus Mr. Joe Chan Kiu-hong and jointly curated by six sculpture graduates of the Hong Kong Art School ,the Material and PhysicsSculpture Exhibition addresses common questions about the choice and application of materials for sculpture creation, for instance,  “What are the relative application and processing skills required for the physical characteristics of the material?”, “How to design the piece to achieve an anti-gravity effect?”, “How to install or display the finished product?”, “How to present or record? “. A series of options and combinations effectively connect art, science, physics, logic, experience and perception. If the finished product is regarded as a result, can the production process be viewed as a narrative or content itself?

藝術家:陳安瑤; Artist: Annebell Chan


Annebell Chan majored in sculpture and subsequently engaged in painting, installation art and video creations with a focus on human nature. Through addition and subtraction of sculptures, memory, metaphors and nature of ready-made objects are personified by injecting emotions,  

藝術家:列咏虹; Artist: Lit Wing-hung


Lit Wing-hung’s creation mainly focuses on mixed media sculptures and installations. Her personal life experience, physical limitations, social and current affairs are her creative background. Her works respond to the dissatisfaction and observations that she encounters in life with a sense of humor.

藝術家:鄭凱殷; Artist: Meko Cheng Hoi Yan

鄭凱殷的作品以紙為主體,作品關於重量、拉⼒和物料的物理性。作品由磁⼒串連,為進⾏創作時⾝體的經驗所演變⽽而成。以 磁⼒呈現作品正在發展中的狀態,看⾒前⽅但隔著距離,從空⽩間透岀想像。

Using papers as the core medium, Meko Cheng Hoi Yan’s works highlight weight, pulling-force and the material properties. The piece is connected by magnets and is evolved from her personal experience of the creation process. Through magnetism, the work is shown in a state of development – one can gaze at the front albeit with a distance, and embark on a journey of imagination in the blank space. 


“The school’s sculpture courses allow me to excel in my current job which covers product design and shop decoration. After taking this course, I can employ the skills that I have gained, such as mold casting and object installations into my work. I will continue to pursue my creative passion in a studio with other alumni,” said Cheng. 

「物料與物理」雕塑展 Material and Physics​
: 2020. 10. 11 – 11. 26​
Time: Monday – Saturday, 11:00 – 20:00​
Venue: 香港藝術學院藝廊 (香港灣仔港灣道2號香港藝術中心10樓)​
The Gallery of Hong Kong Art School ​ ​
(10/F, Hong Kong Arts Centre, 2 Harbour Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong)​

Photo courtesy of the artists and Hong Kong Art School​

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