The great neo-expressionist art master, Georg Baselitz opens his first solo exhibition, Years later with the Gagosian gallery in Hong Kong! Notably, it is also the first exhibition to open to the public within the Gagosian international network of galleries since the global COVID-19 lockdown. Above all, a fully illustrated catalogue with a foreword by Zeng Fanzhi and an essay by Lu Mingjun will accompany the exhibition. Years later opens from May 21 to August 8 2020, and for any interested art lovers, don’t forget about the opening evening from 5-8 pm on May 21!

Art is visceral and vulgar—it’s an eruption.

—喬治·巴塞利茲 Georg Baselitz

展覽的焦點為13幅巴塞利茲以「對印」技術創作的大型油畫,與他在「如果…」(What if…,2019年)系列作品中所用的技巧有關,該系列於今年初在三藩市高古軒畫廊展出。創作新黑金色的畫作時,他利用模板在空白畫布上繪製倒轉的人物,並只在背景塗上顏色,形成奪目的剪影。然後,他將一塊黑色畫布蓋在這塊畫布上按壓,再將之揭起,形成比直接繪畫更加柔和的圖像。這種混合手法不僅強調媒材多於圖像,更帶有一種不可預知的特性,體現自由與活力。在唯一一幅粉紅色的畫作中,巴塞利茲在沒有模版的情況下以正像刻劃人物。

This exhibition is focused on a set of thirteen large oil paintings that Baselitz made using a “contact-printing” technique related to the one applied in his series, What if… (2019), which was exhibited at Gagosian San Francisco earlier this year. To create each new black-and-gold painting, he uses a stencil to render inverted figures on blank canvas, painting just the panel’s background to generate bold negative silhouettes. Against this ground he presses a black canvas, lifting this second support to produce an image distinguished by a slightly softer look than those made more directly. The hybrid result not only stresses medium over image but is also distinguished by an element of unpredictability that bespeaks freedom and vitality. In a single painting in pink, the figures are rendered without a stencil as positive images.


With part of their material substance surrendered to the transfer technique, the works in Years later incorporate a palpable sense of organic change and variation; they juxtapose traces of Baselitz’s haptic intervention with marks derived specifically from the contact-printing process. This lends their surfaces a specific tension, while the play of subtle similarities and differences from one panel to the next adds a dynamic rhythm to the series as a whole—a nod to the idea of the human frame in motion. As one image begets another, the figures become less and less distinct and gradually merge with their backgrounds, dissolving subject into context, humanity into reality at large. In these paintings, the dark, chaotic nature of this reality finds its full expression.

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Years Later

2020.5.21 – 8.8
Tuesday to Saturday 11:00 – 19:00
Gagosian Gallery HK 7/F Pedder Building 12 Pedder Street Central, Hong Kong ⾹港中環畢打街12號畢打⾏7樓

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