Cordis, Hong Kong 香港康得思酒店呈獻英國藝術家 Louise Hill「藝術之旅」主題展覽,於酒店大堂展出七幅作品,包括我們熱愛香港、雀鳥花園及花墟、西貢、香港渡輪、香港的士、香港麻雀、笑佛。

Louise 擅長以自己的攝影作品、插圖、圖案、復古照片和紡織品照片拼貼,創造獨特而別樹一格的藝術畫作。 遊歷亞洲後,Louise 曾於香港居住了四年,感受到這個城市的文化、人情味、活力、色彩,並深深愛上了這個動感之都,決定以拼貼形式表達對香港的熱愛。

Cordis, Hong Kong is delighted to partner with British digital artist Louise Hill Design to host their latest Art in Residence exhibition. Seven of her artworks will be displayed in the Hotel lobby, including We Love Hong Kong, Hong Kong Mahjong, Bird and Flower Market, Hong Kong Ferry, Hong Kong Taxi, Sai Kung, Happy Laughing Buddha.

The “We Love Hong Kong” exhibition was created by Louise using unique and distinctive designs including her own photography, illustrations, patterns, vintage imagery and pictures of textiles. Her passion for design and creativity comes from both her art school background and her previous career as a Graphic Designer specialising in high-end packaging design in London.

She grew up in a family of designers who also loved to travel and spent her childhood surrounded by beautiful textiles and creative conceptual artwork which would further influence her style and desire to see the world. Louise has spent years travelling through Asia Pacific, and lived in Hong Kong for four years before moving to Singapore.


“WE LOVE HONG KONG” Exhibition


2018.5.30 – 6.29



Lobby, Level L, Cordis, Hong Kong

Free Admission

Source: Cordis, Hong Kong 香港康得思酒店



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